Worlds and Nature of Trae.

Trae is a place inhabited by several mythic and mystic beings. A place where two species evolved and developed to a high position. Their physiology, economics and social organization are better than the other beings of this mysterious place. These two species are the Humans and the Dragons. With their evolutionary advantage, humans and dragons share control over Trae. Trae is now shaped through the territorial organization from both humans and dragons. And so they divided Trae in two. The Human Land and the Shiwi-Zuulééiei (Dragon's Domain in human tongue).

Trae's nature has oceans, forests and deserts. The temperature has varied from region to region, since a frozen wind to a burning sun. Humans developed their technology to mix basic elements found in Trae. Several ores and all kinds of sand and stone. They used it to build houses and other buildings to support their needs.

Most of the dragons live under the sky always in direct contact with forests and deserts. Only a few live cloistered inside a cave and rarely are seeing from both humans and other dragons. Because of that direct contact with nature the dragons developed the Shiwi-Suéi-Zuuléi (Dragon's Magic) which allows them to evoke Natural Energy to produce several kinds of spells.

It is common knowledge between dragons that another side of Trae's nature exists. The spirit realm which is the origin of all Natural Energy and where all spirits that dies in the Physical realm goes. There the spirits continue to exist in a different way. Old stories tell that some dragons have the skill to enter the spiritual realm, but all that travelled there never returned.

Humans followed another path one through study, one through meditation and through their power of deduction they've concluded that a spiritual realm exists. Just as the dragons did. Through study human society developed Alchemy, which allows humans to evoke Natural Energy to manipulate nature's elements.

There are a few, humans and dragons, that can easily travel to the spiritual realm. But the Natural Energy is everywhere, in all living beings of Trae. Wild animals and lesser developed species included. To know which energy is which, both cultures call the internal energy of Qi.

When somebody talks about Natural Energy, they are talking about the general term of energy. The one that comes from the spiritual realm, the energy that is inside food, in the air, the energy that generates life and the energy that Nature uses to express itself through the rain, the sun, the wind, the Vulcans and other ways of manifestation. And when somebody talks about Qi, they are talking about the Natural Energy that exist inside each individual, the energy that allows Alchemy and Shiwi-Suéi-Zuuléi to be used in the physical realm.

Qi is like a Natural Energy reserve inside each individual. That reserve can be filled through specific techniques that collect the Natural Energy that is around all living beings. Dragons have a bigger Qi reserve than Humans after all they are in direct contact with Nature since birth. And their meditation technique allows them to collect Qi faster.

Humans have more trouble to fill their Qi reserve. It's needed to connect the human mind with the spiritual realm on some level. And that it's not an easy task. Some humans also use meditation, but human meditation is not that effective. For humans studying subjects of the spirit and maintain a direct contact with Nature is crucial to collect Qi.

Humans can study subjects related to the universal knowledge. From books and other kinds of written material. They can become an apprentice to a master that know one or another subject (like Physical Alhemy for example) or they could cultivate Nature, meditating and talking with forests and rivers or creating and maintaining their own garden. Another way for humans to collect Qi is through martial arts. But martial arts tires the body so the amount of Qi that can be collected this way is limited.



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